Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is one of the most famoust 4D company in Malaysia. As you know, 4D games or we call ‘’nombor ekor‘’are very hot and familiar to Malaysian and Singaporean.

It is very simple and easy for each people to play and bet. You may just pick or choose 0~9 in 4 digit and bet minimum RM 1 . There are total have 7 4D companies in Malaysia and Singapore which including Toto sport 4D, Damacai , Magnum 4D, Sabah 4D , Sandakan 4D , Sarawak 4D ad Singapore 4D ( Pools ).

Magnum 4D : Prize Structure

 Magnum 4D prize winning structure is just like the classic 4D prize giving method that shown as below:

magnum 4D

How can i win 4D

You may observe and analyse the history data and make a prediction by checking the winning times and the biggers numbers of winning times.

Normally the historical numbers are repeated and sometimes you can see the pattern of 4D numbers appear in the winning table. You also can feel it sometimes when the 4D numbers is coming out.

You can get higher chances to win more by buying the numbers using Box / Ibox methods. Box and Ibox  are the  permutation of the numbers. For example 1568, when you buy Box or Ibox , you'll get 1568 , 1658, 6518 and so on..until 24 numbers. The wide coverage for your lucky 4D number the higher chances you can hit the prize , for sure , we aim for first prize with biggest winning amount.

You must confident to buy the 4D and choose your most lucky number and bet it !

Magnum 4D games and betting style can be very fun and exciting as you only bet in small amount and win bigger prize! Your dream can be achieved through As for your information, we are one stop 4D company for all Malaysian.Click here to  Register Now !

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