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Toto 4D is the largest 4D number forecast operator in Malaysia, if you are the 4D player, for sure you will know Toto 4D.

The most of the player, when they buy 4D number, for sure they won’t miss Toto 4D, they will buy it together with Magnum and DaMaCai.

Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd was the first incorporated by the Government of Malaysia in 1969.

On 1st of August 1985, a significant milestone was made in the gaming industry when the company was privatised.

Today, Sports Toto is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad, which is listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia.

Nowadays, Sports Toto 4D is the largest number forecast operator in Malaysia both in terms of number of outlets and product offerings.

It has approximately 680 sales outlets offering a total of 7 games. It is also the sole licenced national lotto operator. Sports Toto has a steadfast commitment as a responsible corporate citizen.

Since its inception, substantial contributions have been made in various CSR areas such as charity, community sports, educations and cultural promotion. In line with our philosophy of promoting a caring society, we constantly lend our hands to the underprivileged.

4D Toto continue to support and nurture sporting excellence in the country through huge annual contributions to the National Sports Council and active participation in numerous community sports initiatives.

Contribution of 4D 

Funded predominantly from the profits of Toto 4D funds the establishment, development and advancement of schools and learning institutions which are not-for-profit and which do not receive sufficient funding or aid from the government or from the community.

4D Toto do not donate cash directly to the schools or learning institutions.

Through our volunteers, 4D Toto works hand-in-hand with school officials and contractors to build, restore and repair physical infrastructure and facilities that require urgent attention, all for the benefit of the school children.

Since launching in 2011, volunteers from 4D Toto have worked tirelessly with Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools as well as missionary schools nationwide, from East to West Malaysia, to ensure that broken roofs and tiles are replaced, termite problems solved, toilets repaired and existing old buildings are safe and sound for the school children, as well as built new buildings and ancillary facilities such as multi-purpose halls, covered walkways, science labs, libraries, resource centres and more.

4D Toto draws are conducted by 4D Company officials together with guest officials, external auditors and public witnesses.

4D draws are unique, whereby the main winning numbers are determined by a designated horse race.

Prior to the draw, the Company designates the horse race which is then certified by the external auditors and made known to the public witnesses. The results of this designated horse race will determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the 4D Toto draw.

4D Toto draws are conducted using eight transparent electromechanical drums, consisting of one 4D Drum, six Numbers Drums and one Bonus Drum.

Formula betting of 4D

The 4D Drum is marked "4D" and contains the number of balls corresponding to the number of horses in the designated race. Each ball is marked with a number from "1" to "13". The six Numbers Drums are marked "1", "2", "3", "4", “5”, and “6”respectively and contain 10 balls each from "0" to "9".

The numbers drawn simultaneously from Numbers Drums shall constitute the winning numbers for the respective 4D Toto Game. First, 10 six-digit numbers are drawn from the six Numbers Drums to constitute the 10 consolation winning numbers. Next, 13 six-digit numbers are drawn from the six Numbers Drums in tandem with the 4D Drum to constitute the three main winning numbers and the 10 starter winning numbers, whereby each horse shall carry one six-digit number drawn. Any six-digit number not assigned to a horse shall automatically become a starter prize. 

The three main winning numbers are determined by the results of the designated horse race, whereby the six-digit number drawn and carried by the winning horse in the designated race shall constitute the 1st Prize, whereas the six-digit number drawn and carried by the horse in the second place and third place in the designated race shall constitute the 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize respectively for the 4D Toto draw.

The remaining six-digit numbers drawn shall constitute the starter prizes.

4D Draw

Apart from the participation of public, 4D draws are conducted in the presence of external auditors to ensure that the draw process complies with established procedures.

4D draw proceedings are video-taped and the recordings are reviewed to ensure that 4D Toto draws are conducted with the highest standards of transparency and integrity without any compromise in security.

4D Toto are welcomed by all non-Muslim of Malaysia.

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